How much do implants cost and how long do they last?

Implants vary in price depending on your bone structure and skeletal composition.  Therefore, without an evaluation it is very hard to give an exact price on implants.  Usually a set implant fee does not include the other procedures that may be necessary in order to place an implant.  That is why at Sunshine Smile Designs we always offer free implant consults.  This way we can give you an exact price along with payment options to see if implants are an option for you.  Most dentistry has a life expectance of about 8-10 years.  However, this is not the case with implants.  Because implants integrate into your bone and become a part of your body, implants last as long as you do.  Implants also cannot get decay like tooth borne dentistry which is another reason they do not have a life expectancy.  Therefore, when considering the price of implants, it is important to consider that when done by a trained dentist, they will not need to be replaced in your lifetime.  So, while implants can be expensive at the onset, the longevity of the treatment must be considered!  

Dr. Ariana Clayton
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