Common Questions From Our Zephyrhills, FL, Dental Office

People are naturally fearful of the dentist, whether from bad childhood experiences or just a fear of the unknown. Get your questions answered here to ease your anxiety and prepare for you dental exam or cosmetic procedure and Sunshine Smile Designs.

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  • Do you offer payment plans?

    Absolutely, we offer numerous payment plans to fit almost any budget, and many of them are interest-free.

  • Do I need good credit to qualify for a dental payment plan?

    No, we have payment plans that do not require any credit at all.

  • Can I be seen if I don't have dental insurance?

    Absolutely, we're happy to see you and can often times work with you on a payment plan to ease the financial burden if you don't have insurance.

  • What should I do if I think I have tooth or gum disease?

    Call us immediately to schedule an appointment for an examination with the doctor.  If caught early, many dental issues can be resolved with minor treatment and minor expense.  If you put off treatment, your dental problems will only get worse and become more expensive to fix.

  • What are some of the warning signs of tooth and gum disease?

    Signs and Symptoms of tooth and/or gum disease may include but are not limited to the following:

    • Pain in a tooth or teeth or pain in the gums surrounding a tooth or teeth.
    • Pain or sensitivity when the tooth is exposed to heat or cold.
    • Jaw pain which sometimes feels like it radiates to the ear.
    • Swelling in or around the jaw or gums
    • Difficulty opening your mouth.
    • Bleeding gums or visibly exposed tooth root surfaces.
    • Loose Teeth
    • Pain or discomfort when you bite down
    • Dark spots on teeth or visible tarter build up on the teeth.

    It's very important to realize that many times tooth and gum disease can be present while you experience no signs or symptoms whatsoever.  This fact makes it extremely important to been see by a dentist on a regular basis so that any underlying problems can be detected early while treatment is usually more simple and less expensive.

  • My Question isn't on the list....can you answer it for me?

    We'd be happy to!  Give us a call at 813-782-2312