About Our Practice

Why Choose Sunshine Smiles?

At Sunshine Smiles, you'll receive the most modern care available, delivered in an environment that is contemporary, clean, friendly, and comfortable. Our dentists and office staff members are always open to your thoughts and requests, and we will do everything in our power to ensure that you always have a great dental visit. You will be treated with attention and respect from the very first phone call! If anything at all is unsatisfactory for any reason, we ask that you let us know immediately so we can make it right!

Some dental practices cut costs by sending dental laboratory work to overseas dental labs that are not regulated or inspected. We don't do this at Sunshine Smiles. We use only certified and verified dental laboratories within the United States that provide proof of contents and proof of origin of the materials used to make our crowns, bridges, partials, and dentures.

Additionally, we use only high quality, certified dental materials so our patients receive dental work which is beautiful and durable. It is our commitment and promise to you that we will always provide the very best in patient care at an affordable price!