At Sunshine Smile Designs, we do dentures a little differently than a lot of offices.  If you still have your teeth, but need a denture, we are going to make you a denture before we ever pull your teeth.  We don’t ever want you walking around without being able to smile!  Most often, by the time someone is in need of a denture, when we pull their teeth and put in their temporary denture, they walk out of the office looking better immediately!

Here is the process…

If you come in still having teeth, once the exam reveals that you need a denture, we will take impressions.  Within the next week, your temporary denture will be ready and we will extract your teeth and place the temporary denture the same day.  The temporary denture acts like a bandaid and helps keep your extraction sites protected while you heal.  During the next six to eight months, your mouth will completely heal and re-shape..  During this time, you will wear the temporary denture and we will place liners in the denture to help your gums heal and keep you comfortable.  After you have completely healed, we will start your permanent denture.  This is the same process we use for people that have an existing denture that needs replaced.

If you have an existing denture, we make our dentures using a 5 step process.

Step 1: We take simple impressions.

Step 2: Using a custom tray made from the original impressions taken, we take a very detailed impression of your mouth.

Step 3: Using plastic trays with wax on them that are made from your impressions, we take a registration of how your jaws come together.  During this appointment, we also confer with you to chose a shade for your new teeth.

Step 4: This is the fun visit!  Your new teeth will be in a custom plate in wax to allow you to see what they will look like.  You will be able to see the size, shape, color, and placement of the teeth to make sure you love them.  During this visit, we can move or change the teeth in any way.  Once you love the way they look, we send them to the lab to process.

Step 5: You get your dentures!  After this visit, you can return as much or as little as you like.  We are available for as many adjustments as you need at no charge.

Step 6: Go out and smile!!!