I hate my lower denture, what options do I have?


You are not alone, about 90% of people with lower dentures have difficulty with them.  Unlike upper dentures which use the anatomy of the palate to create suction, lower dentures rely on the tongue and cheek muscles to hold them in place.  This is extremely difficult for the majority of people to get used to.  Implants change everything about lower dentures.  We can place two implants in the bone where your canine or I teeth used to be and then place snaps in the denture.  The denture then snaps onto the implants which holds the denture in place.  My happiest patients are the ones that go from a conventional lower denture to an implant supported denture.  I had one patient tell me he had forgotten what it was like to have a real meal until he got his implants!   At Sunshine Smile Designs, we do a free implant consult for anyone interested in changing their life!

Dr. Ariana Clayton
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